Surviving NYC Traffic

How do you react to those beloved NYC traffic jams? Your car, taxi, or bus merrily floats down the road at an impressive rate of one block every five minutes. This is time that you will never get back. It feels like you are wasting your existence while you wait to arrive at your destination. But a traffic jam can only affect your mindset if you allow it to do so. You can still make good use of your time stuck in traffic if you relax. Consider some of the following methods for making the most out of the traffic conditions in NYC.


Your body always needs to be stretched, and so does your mind. A traffic jam presents the perfect opportunity to enrich your mind with audiobooks. You don’t even need to strain your eyes while you read. You can simply relax and listen as someone else reads something to you. Are you trying to learn another language? What are you studying to prepare for your business ventures? Use your time stuck in traffic to educate yourself. You’ll soon find out that those lonely, boring trips across the city can actually have a positive impact on your life.

Bluetooth Headset

The Bluetooth headset could be your best companion on slow-moving traffic days. If you’re a busy professional, you will need to make some calls anyway. Utilize your time stuck in traffic to make those important calls. You can stay connected to your colleagues and business associates even as that grandma on a motorized wheelchair passes you on the sidewalk. She might get to her destination first, but at least you didn’t waste the time that was given to you. Remember that time is the one thing we can never get back once it’s gone, so don’t let it pass you.


Hopefully you can bring a tablet with you to continue working. You should be able to pick up some sort of wireless internet service in most areas in NYC. Use this time to answer some important emails, send some of your own emails, write a blog post, research the newest products in your industry, and say hello to friends on Facebook. Do you have a report due on your boss’s desk tomorrow? Spend some of your time stuck in traffic editing your content and grammar. A well-written report will impress your boss and give you confidence. That tablet can definitely come in handy.

Talk to a Stranger

Use the opportunity to strike up a conversation with a stranger. You can always sharpen your social skills while getting to know a new person. Even if you’ll never meet them again, you could always learn something new. That person is probably just as bored as you are, but maybe they’re too shy to initiate the conversation. You can pass the time together, and you’ll soon realize that talking to someone else is one of the fastest ways to stave off boredom. You may even make a new friend with very little effort.


A NYC limo service could be exactly what you need to combat the traffic. At least you will travel in style even if it takes a while to arrive at your location. A comfortable limo will give you all the space you need to work, relax, or both. You can prepare for a business meeting or catch up on the latest news. You might even close your eyes for a few minutes of rest. There are plenty of NYC limo services for your choice, so you should shop around for the best service for your needs.

Traffic jams don’t have to ruin your day and your productivity. You have plenty of options for dealing with NYC traffic. You can thrive with the extra time given to you. You could read a book, listen to a lecture, make some calls, write a report, send an email, talk to a stranger, hire a limo, and more. Any of these choices would prove much more useful than just idly sitting in the traffic without doing anything. You will survive the awful traffic mess in NYC, and you’ll realize that time isn’t wasted if you’re trying to improve your situation.

5 Things About Breast Augmentation Everyone Should Know

breast-implantSilicon implants offered within the U.S. are created with medical-quality silicon. These improvements undertake intensive screening to determine reasonable guarantee of usefulness and security. Nevertheless, you will find risks

  • additional operations
  • capsular contracture—scar structure that pushes the enhancement
  • Chest pain
  • Break (holes or openings within the layer) with deflation of saline-filled implants
  • Quiet (without signs) break of silicon gel-filled implants

Five issues ladies ought to know about breast implants are suggested by food specialists.

1. Implants aren’t lifetime products.

The longer a lady has them, the higher the probabilities that problems, a number of that’ll require surgery will be developed by her. The individual may also obtain additional operations to change the visual result, for example form or measurement.

“The existence of those products differs based on the person,” claims Gretchen Burns, a nurse advisor at FDA’s Middle for Products and Radiological Health (CDRH). “All girls with improvements may encounter extra surgeries—no it’s possible to let them know when.” “that isn’t the most popular experience.” Although several ladies have stored their unique improvements for 20-30 years.

So should you get breast augmentation? Depends!

Finding the Right Content Marketing Agency

contentmarketingAre you looking for a great Content Marketing Agency? Good news we’ve got just what you need.

Content-marketing is any advertising that entails sharing and the development of writing information and press to be able to get customers. These details could be offered in a number of platforms, including information, video papers, ebooks, case reports, infographics, how to issue, instructions and solution posts, pictures, etc.

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